Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pirate in Training

On Tuesday Bob Callen took all the interns into a newly renovated room on the third floor. The interns sat in complete darkness playing "contact" for ten minutes. We then walked around building 76 with one eye covered. When we arrived back in the dark room on the third floor and opened both eyes we could see out of the eye that was previously covered but not the other. I felt like I was blind in my left eye.
This occurred because the eye that was kept closed was still adjusted to the dark and therefore it could see in the dark room while the other eye was adjusted to the light.

I now realize that the fashionable eye patch worn by pirates wasn't always due to the loss of an eye. In fact, many pirates did it so that one eye was good at seeing in the dark. So we are all one step closer to becoming pirates! Yay!

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