Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More Moving!

I spent Monday morning completing my propagation of error calculations. The calculations and formulas looked pretty intimidating so I thought I would be spending the whole day punching numbers into my calc, but after the first few calculations I realized that propagation of error was pretty simple once you understood it. Also, Excel made my life a lot easier!

Later in the day I met an incoming Freshman, Lauren, who was participating in the Freshman Honors program and would also be working we Dr. Hornak. Becky and I had to make room for a third person in our lab. I was happy that another person would be sitting in our COLD lab with us because we need all the body heat that we can get! :) We had to move around a bunch of tables and unplug a couple of wires in order to make enough room for everyone. By the end of the day our lab looked very organized. I was having a wonderful carefree day until I received an e-mail from Dr. Hornak. He was replying to my e-mail with the attachment of the work I had completed in the morning. He thought that I might have sent him the incorrect file, since the file I sent did not have any completed calculations. It turned out that none of my work done in the morning had been saved! I ALWAYS, always, always save my work. I know that I clicked save every 2 minutes, but somehow it didn't work! I was very upset.

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