Monday, July 12, 2010

First Friday

Friday was another day of learning. I started the morning finding the T1 values of each sample that I created, each with different amounts of CuSO4 and Omniscan. The process became easier as I repeated it. I was very excited to be using the NMR and the software while understanding what I was doing. For example; I knew that when I typed "ft" into the commands box the data would transform using a fourier transform. Everything was working, but one of my T1 points was completely off so I had to remake the solution that it referred to.

After my time on the NMR I had some lunch and Becky and I moved to the lab in the bigger Imaging Science building. After getting cleaning up in there I began to use the NMR tube cleaner to clean out the MANY old NMR tubes. I then remade some solutions and then finished testing my samples in the NMR. After walking through the pouring rain with no umbrella and putting the cleaned NMR tubes into the stove, I headed home.

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