Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Field Trip # 2

Today I calculated (+) error and (-) error for the R1 values. At first I was very confused since the error values were all negative, but it turned our that Dr. Hornak had given me the wrong formulas. After calculating the correct error values I was pretty much free until 11:30 so I read an article about ligands, equilibrium, and relaxivities that Becky gave me.

For the rest of the morning Becky and I chatted about how crazy the RIT wireless connection was acting. You should know that my sony laptop is amazing and his name is Drake. I was very surprised when it seemed as though Drake was malfunctioning. (He never malfunctions.) RIT's wireless internet would not connect with Drake for some reason. I talked to a very nice IT guy in building 76 who redirected me to the ITS service desk after he could not get "ritwpa2" to connect with Drake. So this morning Bob Callens and I walked all the way to the ITS service desk. When we finally reached there and I turned on my laptop, Drake and "ritwpa2" connected almost immediately. I was very excited! So we walked back to building 76 and I went downstairs to our lab. When I turned on Drake he again would not connect with "ritwpa2!" Becky and I concluded that there was poor connection in the basement of building 76, but that doesn't explain how Lauren was able to flawlessly connect her laptop to "ritwpa2." I moved two feet to the right and sat in Lauren's chair, directly below the transmitor, and my internet began working. Out of the entire campus, I happened to be sitting in the internet dead spot. I must be very unlucky. :(

At 11:30 we took a bus (not a limo bus this time :[ ) to Pelligrino's and I ate a lot of delicious food. Everything was really yummy! We arrived at the University of Rochester and heard a presentation about the Biomedical Engineering program at the U of R. I really enjoyed this presentation and the following laboratory tours because I am very interested in Biomedical Engineering and the great potential of its research. In one of the labs the grad student did an ultrasound of my arm which was very cool! You could see the movement in my wrist when I moved my hand. Our tour was interrupted by a FIRE! Everyone walked outside into the rain and waited until it was clear to re-enter.

All of the interns climbed onto the bus and headed back to RIT. Some of the boys had grabbed a bunch of straws on the way out of Pelligrino's and began launching spit-balls throughout the bus, many of which landed in my hair. :( Rebecca and I will one day retaliate with a surprise spit-ball attack so BOYS BEWARE!!

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