Friday, July 23, 2010

Nicolas Sawicky

Tadoy I was broed wiating for the NMR to fniish its aqisuciiton wlhsit Bkcey and I dsevicoerd how asewome our barins are. For exmalpe, you can ustednrnad waht I am wrnitig eevn thuogh its girbbiesh. We aslo divsoecred taht I can shrae Nicolas Sawicky and Marie Awwad's iTunes Lirrabies in the bamesent of biluidng 76. Nicolas's Lirraby was betetr tahn Marie's snice he had T.N.T. and Michael Buble. Ohter tahn taht, I fisnihed my sapmles at the 50.0 dereges Ceslius temterpaure.

We hpoe to fnid Nicolas Sawicky soon!

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