Tuesday, July 6, 2010

First Day

Today, when I arrived at RIT at 8:45 for our daily staff meeting, I was not sure what to expect. I knew that this summer I would be working with Dr. Joe Hornak as a MRI intern, but I did not know what kind of work I would be doing and the different personalities of my fellow interns.

We started the day receiving cool RIT lanyards with usb attached and learning how to keep track of our hours by swiping our cards. (This is apparently extremely important to do correctly.) We were then split into three groups and given a packet of images (front and back) of different statues, signs, etc from all around the RIT campus. We were told to find the images in the packet and videotape our findings. After two hours of running around the RIT campus in 96 degree weather we reported back to the meeting room for free pizza and cold drinks. (Which I was extremely excited about since I was seriously dehydrated from our scavenger hunt.) After lunch we tried creating a dvd of our scavenger hunt but unfortunately iMovie was not working for our group. :( After watching each group's video and clips we headed downstairs to get some free RIT Imaging Science t-shirts. Then I was off to JAVA'S before I headed home.

Today was fun since I got to see the RIT campus, meet the other interns, and go to Java's. I am excited to finally see the MRI Lab tomorrow.

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