Monday, July 12, 2010

Old Computers

Today seemed to fly by very quickly. At the start of the day I felt angry and awkward. I was angry at my siblings for making me late for work and I felt awkward walking into the meeting room full of interns at 8:50. When I get my license (hopefully soon!!!) and drive to work on my own this will never happen! After apologizing to Bob Callens for my tardiness I had a short talk with Dr. Hornak before we began cleaning up in the MRI labs in the basement. We moved around some desks and connected some wires. Eventually we had two neat desks with two slow, but working, computers sitting on them. This was a very educational experience. I realized exactly what excited Dr. Hornak! He enjoys cleaning computers and their corresponding equipment with air pipes. I understand this perfectly since he is using his years of education and lab training for simple home activities. After cleaning and organizing I created a chart of my R1 values on excel. Unfortunately some of my data points were off so I had to remake some solutions. After remaking these solutions I took a lunch break that was a tad longer than usual since I was having lunch with my friend. I spent the rest of the day reading about NMR, cleaning NMR tubes, testing more CuSO4 and Omniscan samples, and trying to work with the slow computers in our lab. Today was fun; I got to listen to some Taylor Swift!

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