Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Keys and Online Fun

After our short meeting this morning, I finally met Dr. Joe Hornak. I was really excited to start working, to see MRI labs, and to learn about the project that I would be working on. Dr. Hornak began to explain the project and what MRI was all about. I learned about constrast agents, plotting, and NMR.

After my first lesson we headed out to see the labs I would be working in. I will be working in three labs in the Imaging Science building and a couple more in building 8. I had not realized that I would be working in so many areas instead of only one. I had a collection of about six available rooms to work in this summer. Dr. Hornak gave me the freedom to use whichever room I wanted to. [I am probably going to spend most of my time in the nice and cold lab in the imaging science department due to the icky 90+ degree weather in Rochester these days. I don't want to get heat stroke or die of dehydration. ;)]

After roaming through all of the labs and meeting with Becky, a fourth year student at RIT who will probably be teaching me a lot about MRI and NMR this summer, I received my first three work keys. I added them to my RIT lanyard and felt very important and responsible; I was carrying around keys that unlocked labs and college buildings in my pocket!
Unfortunately, Dr. Hornak informed me that the people with the most keys are usually the least important. :(
Hopefully someday in the future I will have a master key that will unlock every door!

I then tried to understand the annoying Macs in the computer lab. Fortunately, I was able to figure out how to watch the RIT slide show called Laboratory Safety Training and take the Lab Safety Test before I had my first lunch at Crossroads. Yummy Chinese!

After lunch I spent the day reading Dr. Hornak's online book and learning more about MRI and NMR. I tried to absorb as much information as I could, but it was difficult to understand concepts such as fourier transforms and pulse sequences.
Today was a lot of reading and watching. Here's hoping for some lab action tomorrow.

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