Friday, July 16, 2010

NMR Tube Cleaner

On Thursday I seemed to have some free time in the morning while waiting for my time on the NMR. Besides cleaning NMR tubes, which becomes somewhat boring after a while, I wasn't being as productive as I wanted to be. After lunch I got to use the NMR and acquired data for almost all of my samples. Unfortunately, one of the NMR tubes did not fit into the ceramic spinner so I was not able to test the 1.5 mM CuSO4 sample. I was a little annoyed because I was very close to finishing all of my fifteen samples in one and a half hour (it would have been record time!!). While I was working Dr. Hornak came in and was trying to fix a problem with the NMR. During this time I got the chance to ask Dr. Hornak if he had any suggestions for what I should do in my free time, besides clean NMR tubes, and if he could give me another project to work on along with the temperature variation project I am working on right now. After today, I believe that I have become an official NMR tube cleaner expert! :)

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