Friday, July 16, 2010


Today after the morning meeting and had a small meeting with Dr. Hornak. We talked about my data, propagation of error, and what I should be doing next. Unfortunately some of my data points are a little off and when we deleted those points my graph looked much better. I have to remake those solutions and re-test them on the NMR. The only problem is that I can't do that, because the NMR machine isn't working! All of my research centers around the NMR machine and its broken! Hopefully it will be fixed by early next week. Until then I have MANY calculations to make. Dr. Hornak talked about propagation of error, standard deviation, etc. I was really excited because I actually understood what he was talking about because of my past knowledge in statistics. I realized that there are many steps that can cause uncertainties in the molarity of a solution, and I have to calculate all of the uncertainties. The balancing of the mass of the CuSO4 used to make the stock solution has an error, the volumetric flask has an error, and so does the pipette. There are so many things to take into account and I'm worried that I might accidentally miss something. I got started on my many calculations on the slow computer in our lab; I really think we should get a new one. ;)

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