Monday, August 9, 2010

Barfani Bogolo

On Friday I was constantly running around. The day began calm and tranquil, but then my laptop died and I forgot to bring my charger! I have never forgotten my charger before! By the way, my cousin and I have renamed my laptop Barfani Bogolo, which means snow leopard in another language, because my laptop is white, sleek, and fast, like a snow leopard! Also we couldn't decide whether my laptop was male or female, so we changed his/her previously gender specific name, Drake, to a more gender vague one, Barfani Bogolo.

After my laptop died I finished my powerpoint presentation upstairs in the computer lab. I had NMR time at 2:20, so I went to the fishbowl for a demo around 2 o'clock. I then ran to the NMR to test my calcium sulfate samples at 10 C. I only had about an hour so I wasn't able to finish all of them. :( I guess I'll finish next time!

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